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Patient Information

Who is Eligible for Care at the Carl Vogel Center?
Carl Vogel Center is committed to serving all patients regardless of their socioeconomic, immigration, or health status.

The only requirement to receive care at the Center is that you must be an adult age 18 or older.

CVC uses a sliding fee scale for services. Click here for a list of services CVC offers.

Schedule an Appointment at the Carl Vogel Center
Patient appointments are held Monday through Friday between 9am and 5 pm. On Monday, we offer extended hours to 7 pm.

Please call 202-638-0750 to schedule an appointment. Unfortunately, we are NOT able to accept walk-in visits at this time.

Public Insurance Enrollment Services
All new patients are screened for eligibility for public insurance eligibility by a social worker during their first appointment.

Additionally, all follow-up or returning patients to the Center are re-screened every six months for eligibility.

When eligible, the clinic facilitates the application process to ensure successful enrollment in public insurance programs.

Screening takes no more than a few minutes, and may include questions regarding your income and family status, among other areas. Please know that all answers are entirely confidential and will not be discussed with anyone not directly involved in providing healthcare services for you. Your information and answers are never shared with anyone outside the clinic under any circumstances.

A Typical Visit to the Center

The following provides an overview of how you may expect your visit will go as a patient at CVC.

1. Insurance eligibility screening (new patients only)

If you are a new patient, you will first be screened for free health insurance eligibility by the social worker. This is also a good place to bring up concerns about issues such as domestic violence and unemployment, if these apply to you.

Note: The purpose of the meeting with the social worker is not to deny health care to any individual but to assist potential patients in gaining access to the support they are eligible for.

2. Clinical team visit

On the day of your appointment, please arrive at the Center well before your scheduled appointment. You will be shown to an examination room, where you will be seen by the clinical team. Make sure to tell the clinical team ALL of your health concerns and ask them ANY questions you have.

3. Treatment plan

After seeing you, the clinical team will talk about your treatment plan. This may include any of the following: a follow-up appointment at CVC, a referral to see a specialist, lab tests, or a prescription.

Make sure you understand how to participate in your treatment. We always welcome and encourage your questions. You may want to ask about the meaning of test results, how to take your medicine, and when to come back.

4. Follow-up appointments

If you need a follow-up appointment, schedule it at the main desk before you leave. You may call (202) 638-0750 to schedule a follow-up at a later time if necessary.